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ACT Act 3
Location Rivington
Suggest Level 8-10

Circus of The Last Days is a Locationin Baldur's Gate 3. On this page, you can findrelated information about the map, quests, enemies, notable items and other useful tips aboutCircus of The Last Days.

BG3 Circus of The Last Days Map

Circus of the Last DaysSub-Areas in Baldur's Gate 3

  • Jungle

Baldur's Gate 3 Circus of the Last Days Notable NPCs and Merchants

  • Akabi
  • Benji
  • Boney
  • Dribbles the Clown
  • Glingo Trapeze-Master
  • Keren
  • Klaus
  • Lucretious
  • Medrash
  • Shadow-Whiskers
  • Zara the Mummy
  • Zethino

Items in Baldur's Gate 3 Circus of the Last Days

  • Clown Hammer
  • Clown's Severed Hand
  • Dark Displacement Gloves
  • Nyrulna
  • Word from the Tribunal

Baldur's Gate 3 Circus of the Last Days Quests

  • Find Dribbles the Clown
  • Get Orin's Netherstone

Baldur's Gate 3 Circus of the Last Days Walkthrough

Circus of The Last Days | Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki (3)

In the western part of Rivington,to the south of the Open Hand Temple, is the Circus of the Last Days. You can approach Klaus at the entrance to gain passage to the circus. If Karlach is in your party, she'll exclaim that she wants to visit the circus. You can ask him any of the first questions about the circus, after which he'll invite you to enter. If you agree, he'll ask that the ghoul Benji double check that you weren't part of the murder at the temple. Benji will not accuse you of being a murderer, but his is strange responseand alerts Klaus. You'll initially not be let into the circus, but will have the following possible responses (some of the responses may depend on your class):

  1. [PERSUASION] I'm not a threat to you or anyone else in the circus - I swear it.
  2. [DECEPTION] I'm a friend of Lord Gortash. I wonder what he'll say if I tell him about this...
  3. [WARLOCK] [DECEPTION] I've actually just been hired. I do a magic show.
  4. [INTIMIDATION] Let me in, or I snap you in two.
  5. Surely we can come to an agreement? (200)
  6. Leave.

If you're a Warlock and pick the third option, you'll be given a DC 10DeceptionCheck. Succeed and you'll be let into the circus. Head down the stairs to the right and approach Zethino, a dryad. If you're in a relationship with anyone, she'llask if you're in love when you speak to her, to which you have the following responses:

  1. I do love someone - someone close to me, actually.
  2. I have no time for love.
  3. I care only for myself.

Circus of The Last Days | Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki (4)

If you pick the first option, she'll ask you to bring the one you love to her so that she can test your love for one another. The following part of the walkthrough will be for those who have chosen Shadowheart as their love interest. When you take Shadowheart to Zethino, she'll transport the both of you to a plane within your minds. She'll then ask you a series of questions about Shadowheart to test how much you know about her. The first quest is 'From where does Shadowheart draw comfort on a cold, dark night?'. You'll get the following options:

  1. Good company and an even better vintage.
  2. Judging others
  3. A blanket?

The right answer here is the first. Your next question will be 'How does one earn the dark-haired maiden's respect?'.

  1. Being discreet.
  2. Showing shrewd judgment.
  3. Being kind to animals.
  4. Farting on aSelûnite.

The right answer once again will be the first answer. The final question will be 'Shadowheart - what is her deepest shame?'.

  1. She doesn't know who she is, or where she belongs.
  2. She can't swim.
  3. Her hair.

The right answer here will be the second one. If you get all three questions right, Zethino will congratulate you for having a true bond with Shadowheart and Shadowheart will gain Inspiration.

Circus of The Last Days | Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki (5)

Back up the stairs, you'll find Zara the Mummy.She can't speak but are trying to mime something to you. You'll have the following dialogue choices:

  1. I don't understand what you're trying to say.
  2. MMHMMM.
  3. [INSIGHT] Try to interpret her hand movements.
  4. [DETECT THOUGHTS] Read her thoughts, trying to glean her intentions.
  5. Leave.

Circus of The Last Days | Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki (6)

If you choose the third option, you'll be given a DC 10 Insight Check. If you pass, you'll realise that she wants to sell you some face-paints. She'll become a merchant that you can sell things to and buy several dyes and face painting kits.

Circus of The Last Days | Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki (7)

Next to Zara, you'll find Akabi who'll encourage you to try spinning the Wheel of Wonders. If you don't attack him, you'll gain the option to spin the wheel. Each try on the wheel costs 500 Gold. If you spinwithout pickpocketing Akabi for his Djinni Ring, which grants the Mage Hand cantrip and explains how he is able to cheat, youwon't be able to win the jackpot. Akabi will instead give you one of 16 random, small-prize, "joke" items. Before he does so, however, your character will roll an automatic Perception Check. If you succeed it, your character will notice that Akabi is cheating. If you bring up that Akabi is cheating while conversing with him, he will Polymorph you into a Wheel of Cheese for 20 rounds.

Before spinning the wheel, pickpocketingAkabi will afford you the opportunity to steal his Djinni Ring, and any Goldyou've already given him. Without his ring, the next time you spin the wheel, it will land on jackpot, and Akabi will accuse you of cheating.

  1. You can pickpocket Akabi anytime before the sixteenth spin to automatically win the jackpot.
  2. You can spin a maximum of sixteen times. If you use up all your spins before stealing his ring, you will lose the opportunity to receiveNyrulna.

For your crime, heteleports only the wheel spinning character to a secludedjungle biome, forcing you to either sneak or fight through a pack of stalkingDilophosaurusto a portal at the end. There is a chest next to the portal that makes this ordeal highly worth while, as it contains theweaponNyrulna, a legendary trident. The chest requires lockpicking at a level 20 difficulty class, so use an appropriate companion, or have Knock slotted in. The portal will teleport you back to the circus.

Circus of The Last Days | Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki (8)

In the southwestern tent of the Circus of the Last Days, you'll find Boney and Stoney. Speak to Boney to learn that they are craftsmen, able to create statues in your likeness. If you agree to have a statue of yourself or a companion sent to Camp, you'll have to pay 5000 Gold and anyone with the Guild Artisan Background will gain Inspiration. After your next long rest, and for the remainder of the game, the statue will grant the character it depicts the "Sweet Stone Features" condition, which acts like Bless, giving +1d4 to attack rolls and saves. Boney is also available as a merchant, selling you some Scrolls and a variety of Gems if you need them.

Circus of The Last Days | Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki (9)

Popper, another merchant, can be found in a tent right next to Stoney. He sells the Dark Displacement Gloves and Arrow of Arcane Interference, as well as several potions. Within his tent is the Clown's Severed Hand for the Find Dribbles the ClownQuest. If you have the quest active, you can speak to Popper to try and Persuade him to give you the arm. Otherwise, you'll have to steal it from him.

On the opposite side of the stairs from Boney and Stoney, you'll find Lucretious, a necromancer and the ringmaster of the circus. She'sin distress that her skeletons cannot dance well. You can speak to her and pardon yourself for interrupting, but she won't have much to say as she's currently busy.

Circus of The Last Days | Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki (10)

Head down the stairs and to the north, you'll find Shadow-Whiskers trapped in a cage. If you cast Speak with Animals, you'll be able to understand her. Your first set of answers when speaking to her will look like this:

  1. [INVESTIGATION] Examine the cage.
  2. Why good?
  3. That cage looks comfy.
  4. Leave.

If you pick the second option, she'llsay somethingcryptic about showing everyone something. You'll then get the following choices:

  1. [PERSUASION] Show me what? Come no - your secret is safe with me.
  2. [INTIMIDATION] Tell me what you're up to or I set this cage on fire.
  3. Whatever. Enjoying being cryptic.

If you pick the first option, you'll roll a DC 10 Persuasion Check. She'll reveal that she plans on slaughtering everyone within the circus for stealing her cubs and killing her mate. You can the respond with the following:

  1. [INVESTIGATION] Examine the cage.
  2. When exactly do you plan on killing everyone?
  3. Murder whoever you want. I'll be long gone.
  4. Sure thing, puss*cat. Later
  5. Leave.

Unfortunately, neither Keren or Ryland will talk to you about Shadow-Whisker's threat. Approach the nearby crowd. Doing so will pull you into a cutscene with Dribbles the Clown. After he makes his second joke, you'll get several dialogue choices:

  1. Simply watch.
  2. What a corny joke.
  4. [BALDURIAN] Relax and enjoy the show - it's been forever since you've seen Dribbles perform.

Circus of The Last Days | Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki (11)

If you choose the first or fourth choices, you'll simply let him make his jokes. Dribbles will then offer to show a magic trick and chooses you as his volunteer assistant. You can respond with the following (some choices may be dependent on your chosen Class:

  1. What are you going to do?
  2. Approach the stage.
  3. I think my friend Shadowheart will make a far better assistant.
  4. Go on, Karlach, up you go.
  5. You love the spotlight, don't you, Astarion? Here's your big chance.
  6. [GREAT OLD ONE] [INSIGHT] Gaze through the clown with your patron's eldritch sight.
  7. I'm good.

If you're a Warlock with the Great Old One and The Fiend as your patron and pick the sixth option, you'll roll a DC 25 Insight Check with Advantage. If you pass, you'll know that Dribbles isn't disguised magically, but he does have evil intent. You'll then have the following choice to make:

  1. Approach the stage warily, keeping an eye out.
  2. Cross your arms and glare.
  3. No.
  4. Attack.

If you pick the first option, your character will make their way to the stage. Dribbles will then ask what makes you special. You can reply with the following:

  1. My courage: I do something even if it scares me.
  2. I treat everyone around me with kindness.
  3. My strength, of course. I won't let anything stand in my way.
  4. There's something unique about my... brain.
  5. [GREAT OLD ONE] I made an arrangement with an entity of unknowable age, form, and power.
  6. Attack.

If you pick the third option, Astarion will approve. Dribbles will make a comment about the option you choose, then your character will roll an automatic Perception Check. If you succeed, you'll notice that Bitey Buddy is about to attack you. This is where combat will start. You'll be pitted against Dribbles, Bitey Buddy, Shadow-Whiskers, Crimson, Ryland, and Keren. Shadow-Whiskers will be able to create a duplicate of herself, and this duplicate will target the audience members. If you want the audience members to live, tryto grab the attention of her duplicate and Dribbles the Clownwhile fighting.

Circus of The Last Days | Baldurs Gate 3 Wiki (12)

After the fight, you can loot Fuum, previously Dribbles, for the Word from the Tribunal and Clown Hammer. Lucretious will also approach the area from her tent. She'll be upset that Dribbles turned out to be a doppelganger. You can respond with the following:

  1. An impersonation? Are you sure?
  2. You just lost the star of your show - aren't you bothered?
  3. I don't know, I enjoyed myself. Killing clowns is a rare treat.

If you pick the first option, she'll eventually ask you to help her find Dribbles. Your set of dialogue choices will be:

  1. Let's talk payment. I'm expensive.
  2. I'll look for Dribbles.
  3. Dribbles is probably dead.
  4. I can't right now.

The first option is a free on, to which she answers that she is willing to give something powerful in exchange for finding Dribbles. If you agree to help her, the Find Dribbles the Clown Quest will begin.

Afterward, head in the North until you reach X:-108 Y:-19. here, you can speak with the corpse of Brilgor. You can select one of the following questions:

  1. Are you Brilgor?
  2. How did you die?
  3. Who killed you?
  4. Where did you die?
  5. Were you alone when you died?
  6. Leave.

Select all of the options and you'll find out that Brilgor was killed by a Red Dwarf and was being helped by Father Lorgan to hide from the Fists.

Notes & Tips

  • Orin, one of the Leaders of Absolute's cult disguised as a Dryad in the circus. Play Dryad's game will let Orin learn more of your secrets, in exchange for some XP.
  • If you win first prizein the Wheel of Wonders, you will be teleported to Jungle, alone. In order to win, you need to stealDjinni Ringfrom Akabi or distract him, which is available as a class-specific dialogue option.
  • The Jungleis filled with Dinosaurs and remains of unlucky victims, and your main character is separated from the party. You need to reach the Portal in order to get back toCircus of the Last Days. Inside the locked chest right next to the Portal, there is a Legendary TridentNyrulna. Bringing a scroll of Knock, or the spell, is a good idea
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