Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (2024)


(Some pictures in this section provided by YouTube channels: Glitch, AC Omega, GRIZZ Viollent, Jason H Gaming, Joemet123, MrRoflWaffles, and MysteryHQ).


This Easter Egg requires you to be playing on normal difficulty with no modifiers.

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For loadouts, I recommend having everyone set their specialist weapon to the Ragnarok, as they are good for crowd control. I would also recommend at least one person try to get the ThunderGun and Wunderwaffe. Other good weapons are the Hades, the AN-94, the Peacekeeper, and the VMP to get fully Pack-A-Punched. I recommend using Quick Revive as your Brew, Stamin-Up as your Cola, Dying Wish as your Soda, and Deadshot Dealer as your Tonic perks. Now, on to the Easter Egg.


First in the easter egg steps, ensure that when you spawn in, you hit the power switch in the area. Then make your way up to the top floor of the Lighthouse where the Hermit is so he makes note of you being there. When he notices you, he should activate his challenge totems around the map for you to start completing. Your goal is to complete six challenges from two of the five dummies in the map, or rather complete two dummy's challenge set completely. I would recommend completing the challenges for the Lighthouse Station dummy, and the dummy at the Forecastle on the ship, but it's up to you which ones you decide to complete. Guides for the challenges are on the last page if you need help. While you are working on those two challenge totems, I would also recommend getting Pack-A-Punch online, powering on the map at the ship and Facility, getting the Samantha Music Boxes, building the shield, and getting the Wunderwaffe from the quest. As usual, guides for all of these items are on the previous page.


When you've completed the two totem's challenge sets, head back up to the top floor of the Lighthouse and the Hermit should winch down a set of dials for you to grab. Grab them and head over to Artifact Storage. Go to the room with the Cola perk in it, and along the walls will be four slots for the dials to be placed. Hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (1) on them and the dials will be set. We will now have to rotate these dials until they make a small ding noise.


Before rotating all four dials, I would recommend going into the game's audio settings and once again turning on subtitles. Once all four dials have been set correctly, the Apothicon Blood will start to speak to you, demanding offerings. The blood will talk for a little bit, but when you see subtitles that say "Find us offerings three," that's when you need to be listening. The blood will say a location in the form of "*some random Apothicon word,* where ______ _______ ." Ignore the word at the beginning, but note the phrase after it that I've put in bold. Each phrase corresponds to a certain map location, and there are 20 total locations where they can be. The offerings can be either bones or an organ, and you will need to find three total offerings for the blood using the below video.

(Thank you GregFPS for this super helpful video)

Once you've found your three offerings, the blood will offer a fourth and final location for you to hunt down, this time to locate the Seal of Duality on the map. The blood will lead you to an area of the map with a board of some kind on the wall which you will have to melee down, revealing a safe. Here is a video with all four board locations:

(Thank you JustGamingFella for this other super helpful video)

When you've found your board and revealed your safe, you will now have to build a stick of dynamite to blow the safe open (the guide for that is on the last page). When you've blown the safe open and grabbed the Seal, go back to the Artifact Storage area and hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (2) on the barrel under the large red orb in the room to place the Seal down. When you place the Seal down, the large red orb is going to start jumping all around the room. You will now need to shoot the orb as it jumps around until your screen flashes white three times. You'll know you're done shooting the orb when it returns to where it was above the barrel.

Now, there will be three small orange orbs somewhere on the map that must be returned to Artifact Storage. To do this, simply locate one anywhere on the map but don't walk too close to it, or else the orb will have to be located somewhere else on the map. To return the orb successfully, you need to throw a snowball at the orb from a distance and then shoot the orb after it turns blue. If done correctly, after being shot, the orb will fly straight back to Artifact Storage. Once you've found and shot all three orbs, go back to Artifact Storage and you will see the three small orbs just outside the large red orb in the middle. Repeat the process to return these orbs and they should then fly into the orb in the middle.

Once all three orbs have been returned to the middle, walk up to the barrel in the middle of the room and grab the Seal off of it. Now, head out back to the Sunken Path area and hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (3) on this campfire to place the Seal above it. When it's been placed, throw a Samantha Music Box at the fire and the flame should turn blue and all zombies should despawn briefly to allow some dialogue to take place.

You'll know the dialogue is finished when the fire goes back to being orange. When it does, hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (4) on the fire to grab the Seal again.


Now, we will need to go back to the top of the Lighthouse and grab two soapstones from the Hermit. We will need to head outside behind the Lighthouse, leading towards the Boat House/Spawn area. In the snow, there will be two square indentions where you can hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (5) to place the stones down.

When you've placed the stones, you'll have to activate the Lighthouse trap using the box shown below to heat up the stones. Be careful to not get too close to the laser from the trap, as it can kill you. When the laser is done, the stones should be on fire. Grab them off the ground.

Now, we will need to take the stones to the Facility without touching any water. This should be relatively easy since you are very near the Lighthouse and can just use the stairs to get to the zipline there. When you've made it to the Facility, head to the Human Infusion room and hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (8) on the panel shown below to place one of the soapstones in one of the slots.

You will then have to take the second soapstone up to the Decontamination area and in the hallway inside there will be another scorch mark for the trap in this area. Hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (10) on the mark and you'll place the stone down here. Use the trap in this area to freeze this stone:

Once the trap has been used and the stone is frozen, grab it off the ground and then place it in the other slot in the same panel from earlier. When both stones have been placed, a fuse will pop out in between the two stones for you to grab. Now, head back to the Lighthouse Station and go downstairs to the large metal door where the original Call of the Dead easter egg took place. Hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (12) on the panel to the right of the door to place the fuse in the available slot.


We will now need to power the fuse we placed. To do this, we will first need to shoot two batteries outside the map using the Wunderwaffe. These two batteries are both at the Facility and should take just one shot for them to explode and start sparking. Here are both batteries to shoot:

After both batteries have been shot, we will now have to lead electric zombies near three generators on the map and kill them to electrify them. You'll know you've done it correctly when the generator starts sparking. Here are the three generators to electrocute:

Generator 1 - Lighthouse Station, on the same platform as the main Lighthouse Door.

Generator 2 - Lighthouse Approach, just outside the cave with the blue rock.

Generator 3 - Boathouse, across from the trap switch.

When all three generators are sparking, head back to the large metal door, and hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (19) on the fuse. The door should swing open, revealing a large crystal for you to grab. Now head back to Artifact Storage and place the Seal on the barrel again.


When you place the Seal down, you will have to repeat the entire process from the last time you placed the Seal. So, again, the orb will jump around the room. Shoot it until your screen flashes white. After your screen flashes three times, the orb should return to the middle of the room. The small orbs will be around the map for you to find and throw snowballs at. After hitting each small orb with a snowball, shoot them and send them back to Artifact Storage. Repeat the snowball and shooting process again in the Artifact Storage room and the orbs should fly into the large red orb. Grab the Seal off the barrel when this is done.

Now go back to the campfire in the Sunken Path and hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (20) on it to place the Seal again. Throw another Samantha Music Box at it, the fire should turn blue, and more dialogue should start to play. Once it's complete, the fire will turn back to orange. Hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (21) on the Seal to grab it again.



When you are all set and don't need to upgrade your weapons any further, go to the top floor of the Lighthouse and the Hermit should winch down his plank. When he does, you should be able to hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (22) on the plank to place the Seal down. All players will need to be present for this, as once the Hermit takes the Seal, you will be locked inside the Lighthouse and forced to survive for around two minutes. Be sure to use whatever you need to survive, and if you're in co-op, use the different floors of the Lighthouse to separate the horde. If you're playing solo, try to just run around one of the floors without killing too many zombies if possible. When the lockdown is done, the Hermit will winch the Seal back down for you to grab.

You will now need to take the Seal to whatever Pack-A-Punch location the Lighthouse is pointing to and hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (23) to upgrade the Seal in the machine. When you do this, the Pack-A-Punch will then need to be charged by killing zombies near it. When the machine is done, it should give the Seal back for you to grab. The Lighthouse should then direct you to the next location to visit. You will have to repeat this process for all four Pack-A-Punch locations on the map.

When all four locations have been visited, head back to Artifact Storage and you will have to complete the orbs process one last time. This means, again, shooting the large red orb jumping around the room until your screen flashes three times. When that's done, this time the orbs will not fly all over the map. Instead, the orbs will only be just outside the large orb in the room with you, but will need to be frozen and shot using a snowball to return them to the middle. Grab the seal off the barrel again.

Go back to the campfire in the Sunken Path one last time, and place the Seal on the fire. Throw another Samantha Music Box at the fire and the flames should once again turn blue and more dialogue will occur. When it's done, the fire will turn orange, and the Seal can be grabbed from the flames.


Now, all that's left in the Easter egg is the "boss fight." You should hopefully have heeded my advice and upgraded your guns earlier, so make sure you have all your perks and full shield health. When you are ready, head up to the Sun Deck and go to the flinger that will send you to the Golden Pack-a-Punch machine on the island. When you're there, hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (24) on the machine to upgrade the Seal here as well. Just like before, kill zombies near the machine to charge it. When it's done, the Seal will pop back out and will generate a large bubble shield for you to stand in as the map will transform.

Now, this is extremely different from other boss fights as there is no real "boss" to encounter. The goal of this step is to stay inside the Seal's shield as it makes its way through the map without dying. Stepping outside the shield will damage you over time. If the Seal ever stops at any point, that means you need to hunker down and kill zombies near it to charge it up. When it's charged up, it should drop a Max Ammo and Carpenter power-up for you to grab. One other thing to note as well is that all the water on the map has been replaced with lava, the only way to avoid taking damage from it is to jump on rocks in the lava.

Below are a couple of videos to help you understand this a little better. The first video shows one of the Seal's stops and then some brief parkour using the rocks in the lava. The second video shows us just following the Seal's path through the map.

Eventually, the Seal is going to make its way up the Lighthouse and start heading towards the Facility. Use the zipline to get there. You'll be outside the orb for a brief moment, but it will eventually catch up to you. Now the Seal will make its way to the final area of this fight, in the Human Infusion room. For the last part of the fight, the Seal will stop and the bubble shield it provides to you will shrink over time. You will need to keep killing zombies to charge the Seal while staying in the bubble, so use any and all weapons/equipment you have at your disposal to stay alive and charge the Seal.

Eventually, after enough time, your screen will flash white, the bubble will disappear, and all zombies will despawn from the map for the rest of the game. After some more dialogue, you should be able to grab the Agarthan Device from the ground. Now, head out of the facility and go back to the top of the Lighthouse where the Hermit is. He will send his winch down one last time, and you should be able to give him the Agarthan Device. Now, he will tell you to head over to the ship and wait. Go to the top of the Sun Deck on the ship and look at the Lighthouse. The Hermit will leave the map and reveal himself as Pablo Marinus, an important zombies storyline figure.

After the portal above the lighthouse closes, the device will fall back into the map at the Forecastle. Head over to the end of the Forecastle and hold Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (26) on the device to finish the game. The final cutscene for the Aether storyline will begin; however, there is a small cinematic to play once the animated cutscene is over. You will see two children and a white light at the end of a dark hallway. Anyone in the game simply needs to push Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (27) and the children will walk toward the white light. When they've made it to the light, the cinematic will end and the final scoreboard will be revealed, ending the match once and for all. Upon this completion, you should also have unlocked your final achievement in Black Ops 4, if you went chronologically:

  • Salvation Lies Above

    In Tag Der Toten, Ascend from Darkness

    Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (28)

    1 guideGuide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (29)Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (30)Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (31)Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (32)

Congratulations! This game is no easy feat to get all the achievements in, and you should be proud of yourself if you managed to 100% complete this game!

22. Closing Remarks/Thanks20. Zombies - Tag Der Toten

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Guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombies (2024)


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